The first interview is a 6 hours talk with ROGER-MARC VANDE VOORDE.

His first years in Germany, Melody, The Cookies, the Oblik Mouvement, Algorythmic EP, JJ Burnel, Winston & Julia, Walking Everywhere, the gloomy years, the Transiberian, the Overnight Day, etc...
Recorded in 2004, february 23d, from 8h30 p.m. to 2h30 a.m.


Second interview with KLOOT PER W.

His first records, his meeting with Roger-Marc, the concerts, JJ Burnel, Live For Each Moment, Walking Everywhere, etc... recorded 6/8/2004, in KPW home studio.


Third interview: DOMINIQUE BUXIN.

The man in the shadow,the guy who wrote almost every Polyphonic Size lyrics (Je t'ai Toujours Aimée, Winston & Julia...) without ever appearing on stage or on the records covers. Interview made via emails, in January-February 2006.