PART 2 : 1984-1991

Polyphonic Size goes on tour again in early 1984, with Ann VW instead of France Lhermitte. But something goes wrong. Believe it or not, Roger-Marc doesn't like the new album. Maybe because he finds it unfinished and would have like it more guitar oriented. Maybe because he thinks it is more JJ's album than his... At this point, it seems there are two Polyphonic Size : the first one has recorded Walking Everywhere, the other one is trying to play it on stage, completing the set-list with new material written by Kloot : Happy Couples, Artist, Siberia, ...

But Kloot Per W eventually leaves the band in July. Two live tracks (recorded in Gent, may 1984) will see the light of the day on a new sampler compilation, Mask Production, produced by Daniel B. Then PSize almost stop any activities for one year, recording just a movie soundtrack (Brussels, Center of Europe) in January 85 for the "Men & Technology" international exhibition in Tsukuba, Japan.
Tours and studio sessions start again but the relationship between Virgin records (who had just bought out Clouseau Musique) and Polyphonic Size is in a bad way. The english compagny isn't satisfied with the records sales. Then Virgin try to change the previous contract. They suggest Jay Alanski (who used to work with Lio) to produce the next album, but Roger-Marc doesn't want to hear about it. Problems... quarrels... lawyers... trial... It will take about 4 years to Polyphonic Size to get out of this nightmare.

But Polyphonic Size keeps on working : they record new demos (still unissued) : Do The Hou, Propagande, Les Petites Filles, No Colours, Lovestorible... Great instrumental versions, partly produced by Daniel B. Roger-Marc looks for new musicians, trying several line-ups. His own little brother, Patrick (aka Glen), eventually becomes PSize new bass player. Pierre Gillet plays keyboards.
Polyphonic Size meets a new producer in 1986, Nigel Gray, who has previously worked with Police, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Girlschool, etc. At least, Virgin eventually releases a new single, L'Amour/Everybody needs Your Sex. The A side sounds very french pop music, the B side is a surprising kind of rap. But the record doesn't sell very well and Virgin decides to give up the band.

January 1987 : more than 3 years after Walking Everywhere, Polyphonic Size still can't record a new album. Money becomes a serious problem, and the band plays every gig they can get to make some cash. Then, in July, they play in Moscow and on the Transsiberian Express ! Actually, they are part of a belgian artistic residence in China and URSS. They give a couple of great gigs in Russia, but in Beijing, the Chinese authorities decide to cut off the power about 15 secondes after the beginning of the concert and kick everybody out!
At least, the third album sessions begin in August 87, at the London Surrey Sound Studio, produced by Nigel Gray. The Overnight Day is released in april 88, on New Rose records. Big change : no more electronics, but a much more pop / melodic sound instead, with only 5 songs written by Dominique Buxin.The previous single, l'Amour, is also included, with a cover version of a 1960's Michel Polnareff number, Tout Tout Pour Ma Chérie. The band gets good press reviews, but the sales don't go very far.

In June 1988, they give a short, but great gig with JJ Burnel at the famous London Marquee. The P. Size Info Service is created in december. This little Polyphonic fanzine also sells T-shits, videos and 2 unreleased tapes : Black Cassette and Live (82-88). The band talks about new tracks, like this mysterious Earcon, written in "javanais" (weird french slang) by Dominique Buxin!

One year later, they play at the Printemps de Bourges festival (6/4/89), with the Purple Helmets as backing band, as part of JJ's tour Un Jour Parfait, his new frenchy solo album for which Dominique Buxin has written several songs. One month later, Pierre Gillet quits to play New beat music under the name of Acid Ascorbic. Roger-Marc, Martine and Glen start rehearsals in june 89, in Cambridge, with John Ellis (guitar), Manny Elias (drums), JJ Burnel, and Nigel Gray on production. Daniel Darc (ex Taxi-Girl) writes some lyrics. These new sessions (in instrumental versions) are released by the P. Size Info Service in september, on a new tape called PSize' 89 , with the Bourges concert and a couple of rare B-sides. Things seemed to be getting better for Roger-Marc and his band. They got a new manager (Michel Lambot, Sandwich records former manager), a new album in the making and a new record contract with EMI and BMG/Ariola.

EMI will eventually release 2 singles : Nosotros and Tomorrow (under the odd name of Triumvirat), but nothing more. The Prime Story, a Polyphonic best of/sampler, will see the light of the day in 1991, compiling old songs and the Cambridge sessions with a few remixes and some bizarre sound effects between the songs. This very first CD on Play it Again Sam rec. had to be the very last PSize album : the P. Size Info Service last issue announces the death of the band in November 1991.

Roger-Marc, Martine and France are living in Brussels. Jean-Jacques Burnel is still part of the Stranglers. Glen works as photographer. Dominique Buxin is living in Belgum.

Kloot is still making music : CLONE Version 0.1 (a compilation of cover songs) is released in May 2005, featuring KomPuTerWelt (originally from Kraftwerk), remade by Kloot and Roger-Marc. KPW celebrates his 50th birthday the same year in Bruxelles. France Lhermitte and Roger-Marc join him together on stage for the first time since 1983. in 2006, KPW records a new version of the Rolling Stones classic "Mother's Little Helper" (with France on lead vocals), a song PSize also covered in 1981. A video clip follows the same year.

In April 2009, VOD releases a new boxset of 4 vinyl LPs (+ one 10") featuring the complete Polyphonic Size 1979-1982 discography + 2 hours of unissued material.

2010. Polyphonic Size comes back, this time featuring Roger-Marc, France and Kloot Per W, plus Martine and Roger-Marc's daughters : Mandy (keyboards) and Alice (guitar). They give 2 stunning concerts in Brussels (30/04 and 05/05) with JJ Burnel as special guest. In september, they play at the Botanique, for the Nuits Du Soir Festival. Early 2011, Kloot Per W quits PS, and is replaced by Mika Nagazaki, Ghinzu bass player. In July 2011, Polyphonic Size line-up changes again, with Jill and Géraldine (from the belgian band Les Vedettes) replacing France Lhermitte on vocals.
To be continued...