• KOMPUTERWELT (3mn 35 / 3,3 Mo). This Kraftwerk cover version was recorded by KPW and Roger-Marc Vande Voorde in 2005, and can be found (in a different mix) on Kloot's "Clone Version 0.1" CD (released on PMP records). Lyrics written by Dominique Buxin.
  • MOTHER'S LITTLE HELPER (3 mn 04s / 7,1 Mo) : great new version, recorded by KPW and France Lhermitte in 2006. Available on KPW new album, called "History Of The World, Part One".
  • TAXIDERMISTS : PARTY DOG (5mn 30 / 7,5 Mo). Stunning cover version of Party (from the 1980 Pragmatic Songs EP), mixed with an incredible french translation of the Stooges "I Wanna Be Your Dog". Recorded in 2005, by the Taxidermists, from Brussels.